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Benefits of CSV Membership


The benefits include:

  • Year round Further Professional Training (FPET) at members pricing for all staff within the business on all topics to cover legislative requirements
  • Effective representation by CSV to numerous Boards, Advisory Committees, Government Bodies, Land registry and Authorities on behalf of members
  • CSV supplies instant Fieldnotes and Title Searching "online" through "ACSV Search" at a discounted rate
  • CSV is a Member of various business groups e.g. Building Design Professions (Victoria), VECCI, and Associations Forum. The interests of CSV firms can be promoted and protected. CSV is a member of a large number of allied professional groups and organisations and monitors a huge volume of publications and material from these organisations. These Publications and material are examined and information relevant to Members can then be provided either through The Consulting Surveyor, other publications, and/or seminars
  • Due to Lobbying and action directly by CSV, financial benefits have been obtained for member firms in obtaining information and data from service authorities (e.g. Yarra Valley Water) free of any charges. These benefits reflect the considerable time, effort and work undertaken by CSV Board and Members in formulating policy and procedures by which the supply companies interact with consultants and the development industry
  • CSV has entered into an agreement with Land Victoria to create copies of CDs which cover the former Titles Office Scanned Charts, Parish Plans and Township Plans for the whole of the State of Victoria
  • CSV represents member firms on advisory committees to Melbourne University, RMIT and other tertiary institutions in an effort to promote the standing of the professional Surveyor, not only within the public sector but also with the academic arena     
  • CSV promotes a cooperative and healthy interchange of information and ideals with state government instrumentalities, local councils and service authorities. The association is highly regarded in its dealings with these bodies and its advice is eagerly sought and appreciated
  • Magazine full of insightful information relevant to the industry sent direct to members
  • Elective free membership to CSN a National Collaborative group with NSW and other states
  • CSV is a driving force of the Surveying Taskforce
  • Many publications as needed for the industry such as Salary survey, Traffic management guide, Guide for fees, Subdividing your property to name a few.

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