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Subdividing Your Property

What is a Subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels, units, apartments, shops and commercial and industrial buildings to enable their separate sale.

Can my property be Subdivided?

Every subdivision must comply with the requirements of the local planning scheme. Your local CSV Consulting surveyor has detailed knowledge of planning schemes. He/she can determine the requirements applicable to your property.

What is the Process?

  • Most subdivisions require a planning permit and all subdivisions require a Plan of Subdivision signed by a Licensed Surveyor.
  • A planning permit application must be accompanied by the appropriate fees and supported by information that may include:
    • An analysis of the site and adjoining properties.
    • An assessment of the subdivisions impact on the neighbourhood.
    • A Plan of Subdivision showing the lot layout and dimensions.
    • Other information to allow council to assess the application.
  • Permits are referred to the Servicing Authorities for assessment of their requirements.
  • A Subdivisional Permit is normally issued if the proposal satisfies the relevant planning criteria.
  • Permits are issued with conditions from Council and Servicing Authorities that must be met before the Plan of Subdivision can be approved.
  • After a permit has been issued, a Licensed Surveyor prepares a Plan of Subdivision that is submitted to Council for certification.
  • Before the subdivision can be finalised, a Licensed Surveyor must perform a comprehensive survey to determine the title location, mark the boundaries of all the lots and prepare necessary supporting documents.
  • A Statement of Compliance will be provided when all the conditions of the Planning Permit have been satisfied and the Servicing Authorities have given consent.
  • The certified Plan of Subdivision along with the Statement of Compliance and other supporting documents are then able to be registered by Land Victoria. New titles are then produced.

Who can help me?

Only a Licensed Surveyor can subdivide your land or development.

Your Consulting Licensed Surveyor is an expert in the subdivision process and can assist you with all steps from initial assessment, feature survey, boundary re-establishment, preparation of the Plan of Subdivision and supporting survey documents, submission of applications and consultation with Council and authorities.

Your local CSV Licensed Surveyor can be found by using the 'Find a Surveyor' function which is at the top of this page. Please enter your post code to do a radius search.

How much would it cost?

Please refer to CSV's Guide for fees by clicking here


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